About Us

Two Bros Company or Two Bros Co. is an apparel company whose primary focus is to bring quality product and design to the everyday angler. In a sport like fishing, we feel that comfort and looks go a long way. 

The Backstory:

Two Bros Co. was originally founded in 2010 on the campus of The University of Wisconsin-Stout. At the time, all we had was a couple guys, a logo, and a desire to create something. But we didn’t know what that something was. So we started making shirts in hopes that an idea, niche, or some other concept would show itself. Ultimately, the college dream fizzled for a number of years as the primary owner and the logo made their way into the “real world”

Fast forward to 2020. With COVID bringing on a new surge of casual anglers looking for a new hobby, we saw an opportunity to get into the fishing apparel space. In the Midwest alone, fishing licenses surged as individuals were looking to take on new hobbies during the pandemic. With a motivated cast of characters, an updated logo, and a desire to help the anglers of the world look and feel good while fishing, Two Bros Co. is ready to take the outdoor gear world by storm.